Verifying and documenting the compliance of testing methods, processes, mechanical facilities, or systems with pre-set criteria. The whole process of IQ, OQ, and PQ is called Validation.

Why do you perform validation?

  • Researchers are exposed to biological risks and various factors during the experiment. To ensure safety from these hazards, reliability of equipment and facilities must be prioritized, and to ensure safety of equipment through calibration according to regulations or guidelines for equipment and facilities. (Normal one-year cycle principle)

When is the validation scheduled?

  • ·If the filter is replaced
  • ·If the researcher finds that the equipment is faulty
  • ·In case one year has elapsed since the implementation of the validation
    ·When equipment is moved

U.S. NSF Entitlement

  • As an NSF certification authority,
    validation service is implemented
    according to strict quality standards.